School Site Council
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​                                     October 30, 2018

​                                                           9am-10am

School Site Council
The School Site Council plays an important role in decision-making at Inghram.

What the School Site Council Does:

The school site council is a group of certificated teachers, parents, classified employees, and community
members that works with the principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and
the school budget. Inghram’s School Site Council is dedicated to work as a team to meet the instructional
needs of the children.

When Does the School Site Council Meet?

Inghram’s School Site Council meets four or more times each school year. The dates and times will be provided as soon as they are determined.

Parents, staff and community members are notified by phone call and staff bulletins prior to the meeting. Specific dates are
decided upon at the meetings.

Who can participate in School Site Council?

School Site Council representatives are elected by the school. Chair, vice-chair, and secretary are nominated by parents,
and a ballot is sent home with students. Staff members are also nominated and elected. The meetings are open to anyone.
Questions School Site Councils Can Ask:

· What are the goals and priorities of our school?
· What data do we have that shows how well we are achieving those goals?
· Are we progressing toward our goals?
· Are there particular groups of students who are not doing as well as others?
· What supports could we put in place to help struggling students?
· How will we fund those supports?
· Do we have programs that are ineffective or unrelated to our goals?
· Is it possible to eliminate those programs?
· How will we know if our new programs are effective?